30/30 Poetry Challenge – WXW -Day 6

6- things people say

“I have forced myself to contradict myself

In order to avoid conforming to my own tastes.”

― Marcel Duchamp

things people say

it’ll all come out in the wash” they say

but it won’t

not if life is like laundry.

navy blue school pinafore dress, mixed with whites

means grubby socks and dull shirts

mortally wounding the very soul

of the youngest child.

you have to be cruel to be kind”

the needle-point,

sterilised with the cool blue centre

of a Swan Vestas match,

digs softly into eldest child’s pain-flushed young foot

defiiantly walked on kitchen floor

against parental advice.

needle rolls and finds glass shard.

needle digs and removes,


by a father’s compassionate hand,

an apple never falls far from the tree”

She only ever planted

one small weeping willow,

but gave birth to one sport

always most at home in the garden.

Or to be more accurate, on the allotment.

In place of blousy blood-shot dahlias

or foliage with triple-latin names,

the middle daughter boasts

of sunday roast with five home-grown veg.

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